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About Us

We are a group of dedicated people focused on improving the health and conditions of the Patuxent River, Black Swamp Creek, and nearby watersheds through our activities as a land trust. 

Southern Maryland's natural beauty, rural character, and its environmental, cultural and historic treasures are a heritage to be protected for the well-being of our watersheds, ourselves, our communities and future generations who may inhabit there lands.

A land trust is an entity that can hold a "deed of conservation easement"--a legal agreement between a land owner and the land trust, usually with the goal of saving land by restricting future uses such as subdivision for development. The land owner is in control of what goes into the conservation easement and works with our Land Trust to finalize the terms.  


The Black Swamp Creek Land Trust (BSCLT) is a private, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the conservation and stewardship of farmland, forest, streams, rivers, wetlands, wildlife habitat, open space, and scenic beauty, and especially focused on the Black Swamp Creek watershed.


Protect and enhance the rural, agricultural, natural, cultural and historic resources of the community for now and future generations.  We learn, share information and take action

through a lens of equity to promote land and resource conservation and economic viability that protects the environmental, cultural and historic heritage of our area.



A fair, equitable, culturally sensitive and inclusive organization that aligns with and supports our communities, our conservation partners, our volunteers and the resources we strive to conserve.  


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Our Approach

    ♦  Stewardship

         Community Awareness

    ♦  Engagement 

    ♦  Advocacy         

Everyone is Welcome!!
Land Acknowledgement 

We recognize the unique and enduring relationship that exists between Indigenous People and their traditional territories.  We acknowledge that Black Water Creek watershed and surrounding areas are the historic homeland of the Piscataway Indian nation, known as the Peoples where the river bends. 

Let this acknowledgement serve as a reminder of ongoing efforts to recognize and honor the Piscataway people who lived on the land and near the waters of the Black Swamp Creek watershed.

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