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BSCLT Supports Establishment of New National Wildlife Refuge in SMD

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has released the draft of its Land Protection Plan and Environmental Assessment for the establishment of the Southern Maryland Woodlands National Wildlife Refuge. The plan proposes the acquisition of up to 40,000 acres across a 577,420-acre acquisition boundary that spans St. Mary's, Charles, Calvert, Ann Arundal and Prince George's counties. The Service released the draft on March 8, starting a 45-day public comment period and BSCLT has sent in a letter of support.

Although the Black Swamp Creek watershed is not located within the refuge, it is part of the "partnership area", that is, an area near or in between parts of the prioritized acquisition areas. Within the Partnership areas, the USFWS "will make a concerted effort to apply Costal Program and Partners for Fish and Wildlife funding and staffing resources, coordinating and pooling funds and other resources with the Southern Maryland Conservation Alliance and other partners to implement on-the-ground restoration and conservation projects". For more information go to:

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