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Girl Scout Property and the Preservation of Green Space in PGC

BSCLT was instrumental in bringing the proposed sale of one of the last large green spaces left in southern PG County to the land trust community. The property, over 600 acres near Marlton, was donated to the Girl Scouts who decided to use the money from the sale of the acreage for their programing and were in talks with a developer until pressure was brought to bear on them, from many local groups and individuals, to reconsider. Currently it appears that the County Parks and Planning Department are interested in buying the site to preserve green space and for public use. Stay Tuned!

Above: BSCLT Board members with others on a Sierra Club sponsored walk to the St. Thomas Church easement within the Girl Scout property, September 2022

Below: Screen shot from Souther Maryland Conservation Alliance meeting regarding BSCLT and the Girl Scout Property (East Marlton)

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