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Climate Victory Gardens

Climate Victory Gardens provide an opportunity to fight climate change on the ground, in the very soil beneath your feet. We can all play a part in our homes and communities. Start fighting climate change in your home, school, and community gardens today!

Shifting garden practices towards principles of regenerative agriculture can be a meaningful part of reversing climate change and sequestering carbon out of the atmosphere and back into the soil.

The Climate Victory Garden Commitments are a set of practices and principles that make your garden a tool to fight climate change. Join the movement by making the commitment and adding your garden to the map.

The country needs you. The world, all of it, needs you. So grab the toughest pair of boots you own, rifle through your old clothes for a sturdy pair of pants, and head out into the field — to plant! At least that’s what you should do if you’re passionate about the planet and/or enjoy growing tasty snacks.

Planting your own garden is a great way to lower overall carbon emissions and your own environmental footprint. The fruits and veggies you’ll plant will absorb and capture carbon dioxide from the air. Even better, being locally-grown means that the food will be even more sustainable as it won’t have to be transported around (which takes fuel) and will help you to make your land more wildlife and pollinator friendly.

“Climate Victory Gardens gives us all a way to reduce our impact on the planet, while ensuring the food we feed our families is safe and nutritious.”

Peggy Keller

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